Mismiin Set Tie-Dye Is All

Designed For Yoga, Cycling, Training & Outdoor Activities

Experience the tie-dye trend with the Mismiin Set Tie-Dye Is All. This stylish set complements any wardrobe, featuring eye catching patterns on the bra and shorts. Add a modern twist to your look with this modern tie-dye design.

  • 80% Nylon
  • 20% Polyester
Fabric Features


Mismiin 運動服和運動服裝 採用獨特的材料混合物製成,這些材料經過精心挑選,以確保最佳性能。該品牌採用了以下組合 滌綸、氨綸和尼龍 創造出一種既有彈性又耐用的面料。聚酯纖維有助於吸走水分,讓穿著者在激烈的鍛煉過程中保持乾爽舒適。氨綸提供了必要的彈力以方便運動,而尼龍則增加了面料的耐用性。


Mismiin 的環保方法不僅僅局限於製造過程。


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Product Features


  • Chic weave knot cross back design
  • Scoop neckline
  • Ribbed fitting for more comfortable support.
  • Removable cups


  • Seamless define fitting hugs your curves.
  • Super thick waistband for more comfort support.
  • Seamless inner pocket
  • Tailored back and front design.
  • Instill waist and leg fit.
  • Skin feel fabric is soft and comfortable

Material and Product Care


推出 Activewear ,舒適、時尚和可持續性的完美結合。我們的黃油面料親膚且輕便,而我們的新型快乾、彈力和排汗面料讓您保持舒適和乾爽。另外我們的材料是環保的

  • 我們乾燥速度最快的面料
  • 透氣的
  • 排汗
  • 四向拉伸
  • 支持
  • 內部感覺涼爽光滑,外部柔軟拉絨